Wish - Selected objects appearance

Hi all,
I find interesting the “Shade Highlight selected surfaces and polysurfaces” in the display modes options because I can understand that a surface is selected even if I don’t have any wireframe exposed into my view (i.e. if I’m zooming a lot to make a filletsrf between a small srf and a big one).
What I don’t find useful is that a selected surface disappear if it’s under another… so I have to rotate the model to check that it’s selected (I have to see it directly).
Would be useful that the wireframe of the selected surfaces is still visible as it is when “Shade Highlight selected etc etc” is turned off.
Hope the wish is comprehensive… attached two images to explain better…

Hi Lucio,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure if this is a bug or feature request but filed it for review as RH-19816
(this is not publicly visible yet… but that’s planned)

In the meantime, I found that if you use a Ghosted mode or check the Xray all wires option you can see the wireframe as well. I know it’s not exactly what you’re after but it might help.

One problem with highlighting wires, if that is what you meant, comes when dense surfaces or meshes are selected- the wires, if highlighted, obliterate the form completely - that is one thing this selection mode helps to fix. Pushing the shaded display forward or ghosting it on top of occluding objects might be possible- not sure.


Good point @pascal maybe that’s an option.

@BrianJ Thanks for your attention.
The wish is for adding a check button to enable the “wire always visible” like the workaround you mentioned about ghosted and Xray (btw Xray is a mode that I don’t like at all :dizzy_face: ).
Another feature I would add is the shade color for selected objects that could be the object’s color with color reduction (i.e. the object’s wire turn yellow or the color setted in the Appearance->Colors and the shading color is the object one with % of reduction - like the one we have for the edges); This would be useful to identify different selected objects that came from different layers.
@pascal Yes you’re right… normally I turn off the surface isocurve to have a better visualization, but you see on the two posted images that it’s really dangerous to have a “hided” selected objects that could be corrupted by the command you are calling…
The Ghosted way would be the best (so you can understand quickly if an object is intersecting another and which part is in front and which hided) but I think it’s more complicated to implement.

I find I wish for a bounding box or silhouette highlight selection cues - I think the latter might be the most versatile- the silhouette of the selected objects is drawn in selection color, possibly user defined thickness. Pushing the silhouette in front of the other display would (probably) be clear and unobtrusive. The down side is that selected objects may not be clearly selected if the view does not include the silhouette- like a very close view of the object - Lucio’s initial problem. In that case, maybe the edges of the viewport can be drawn in highlight color to indicate a selection.


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