Having selected object display differently

i believe there is a command that allows one to select an object amongst many in a view and have it displayed different mode ie selected object displays as xray while the rest of the objects in the same viewport stay shaded.
could someone help with the right command

The only option there is available is to have the selected objects get highlighted (shading), not only their edges/wireframe. It is set per display mode, for example here:



thanks Jarek,
i tried your suggestion by selecting all the objects except the one i wanted to show in x-ray, then after checking the shade-highlight selected… option box and i don’t get the result i want.
the command i slightly remember came from the display tab where one preselected a surface or object eg a windscreen of a car where one selects the windscreen and makes it transparent while the rest of the car body remains opaque. and so i’m trying to apply the same principle with discrete objects with one of the number displaying in different mode.
thx for your help anyway

There is a way to set custom display modes per-object (per-viewport) but it has nothing to do with selections, in case that helps:SetObjectDisplayMode


kyle, that’s what i was looking for thanks