Select by objects shading attributes

Is there a way to select by object shading attributes, similar to for instance select by color?

Hello - SelColor is a thing, yes - that is the objects’ display color. You can also select by material name (SelMaterialName)


Good morning Pascal,

tx for your reply, i know both functions you mentioned, but i use —_SetObjectDisplayMode – quite a lot, so i might have a situation where i have several ghosted parts in an otherwise shaded viewport.
An option like SelGhosted etc would be awesome.
Would you know a workaround?

You can try this Python script I hacked together from a couple of others… (1.7 KB)

You will get a list box with display modes to choose from. It will select any objects that have that custom display mode applied in any viewport.

Hi Helvetosaur,

Thanks,that`s exactly what I need.
I get the list box, but this message appears:
OpenAttributes object has no attribute GetDisplayModeOverride

by the way I`m on R5


Yeah, apparently the GetDisplayOverride method was only added in V6. Probably for this exact type of situation. Without that, I don’t see a way for finding a specific display mode applied to an object, all that appears to be possible is to find if any custom mode has been applied. Sorry.

No problem, thank you very much for your effort.
One more reason for me to finally get an upgrade:grinning: