Selection radius problem


in about last week or so I have experienced very annoying problem which I am unable to fix. Somehow my Rhino 6 started to select objects from much further away with very weird priority. When I directly try to mouseclick a face or curve (or other element), often I select different object quite far away from my cursor. When I try to grab and hold gumball arrows/arcs, often a model element is selected instead of gumball instrument. Selection priority seems quite random, or at least I did not find out rules how objects are selected now. Maybe only rule is, that I never select my desired object :frowning: Whole manual selection process is nightmare at the moment.

I have not changed any settings to trigger this, at least not intentionaly and I went through whole Rhino settings at least 5 times now and did not find something like selection radius or similar.

Any help would be appretiated.


Okay, I am quite ashamed, but right after publishing I have realised I did not go to advanced settingsā€¦ Well, it is on this Pick box radius line: