Rhino keep selecting nearby object


I have used Rhino for quite some time but have never encountered something quite like this. It is strange that the object nearby to where I hold my click were kept selected, attached herewith the photo for reference.
I actually wanted to hold my click and select object by drawing towards the right direction to select only certain objects, instead, the object nearby are being selected, which is really inconvenient. Appreciate if someone could tell me the problem.


Hi @sayyin,
Are you able to upload the file, from the image, it just looks like there are two surfaces overlapping where you are clicking.


Thanks for the reply. May I email to you instead of posting here? It is a private file.

By the way, it indeed has two surfaces, one at the top and another at the bottom. However, the nearby object is kept selected when my mouse only clicks at a distance away. It happens in all views whether it is top, right, perspective etc.

One thing you can check if see if the pickbox size did not get modified. Sometimes Rhino will bump it up to higher number - if that’s the case, try reducing it to a lower pixel size (see link below for more info):

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@Jarek That’s it! It solved the problem. Thank you very much