Selection of 3D city model


I am trying to make a rectangular selection in a city model file provided by the Senate of Berlin.

I tried creating a box around the selection for the elements to keep and using MeshBooleanDifference to delete everything that is in the corpus of the box.

I tried using MeshToNurbs and then regular BooleanDifference & Split, both failed.

What commands should be used in this case?

The attached file is the provided city model in meshes with a box & cutout. The elements inside the cutout should be kept.

Thank you,

This model contains 16264 blocks, and nothing else.
a) _SelAll _ExplodeBlock
b) go into top view
c) draw a rectangle
d) selBoundary with the rectangle, then invert and delete
e) Use MeshTrim with the rectangle. You need to click on all meshes that stick out of the rectangle

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Perfect thank you!