How to extract chunk out of Rhino model?

Hi all,

I am trying to take a chunk that is the shape of a rectangular prism/box out of my model; the box only encompasses parts of the model, and this way I can reveal the interior of the geometries to make a physical model of it. I wondered if this was possible with booleans, and I tried _BooleanSplit, but it didn’t produce the desired result. Is this possible with some combination of multiple clipping planes? Attached screenshots and model (both Rhino 6 & 7) for further clarity.

Thanks in advance.

Hello- that , BoolanSplit, should work if all of the objects are closed, otherwise Split or Trim.


Yup, Boolean operation should work. The different between split/trim and boolean operation such as boolean split is explained in this video


@pascal @gerald1 Thanks guys! That worked out and produced the result I wanted :+1: