Selection menu cause disable command menu

I’m using Rhinoceros 5 and I have a problem with selection menu and command line.When selection menu pop-up rhinoceros command line come invisible it is normal but when i clicked an object from selection menu command menu does not appear and i cant enter or writing any commands.Rhinoceros window is pretending like minimize i think.Can you help me quickly please.Thanks for your help already.

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Hi Erdi,

from past experiences people here would ask you which servise release are you using? and might tell you use latest drivers for your video card. you may try to record your screen with

geçmiş deneyimlerime göre insanlar hangi güncelleme paketini kullandığını soracaklar ve ekran kartı için en son sürücüleri kullanmanı söyleyeceklerdir ile ekran görüntünü kaydedip buraya gönderebilirsin…”