Selections are not visible

Hello guys,

I am experiencing some problems with my Rhino. It is hard to explain, but i will try. When I do a selction, the selection is not visible. The lines are still there, but they are not yellow, but they are still selected. Or when I draw a line, rectangle, etc. at the moment of drawing it is not visible, only once I have fully completed the command the figure appears. I updated my computer, I updated the graphic driver, reinstalled rhino, but no change.
Do you have any suggestions ,what can I do?

Hello - just to make sure - is the selection color in fact yellow, in Options > Appearance > Colors?


Hello Pascal,

Thank you for answering. I already checked its yellow

Hello - can you please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the results here? Are your display modes also at the default settings?


This command is missing. I also checked diagnostic toolbar. By the way for info I have Rhino5

Ah, OK - that is a V6 command - then can you open Options > View > OPenGL page and take a screen shot of that with Snipping Tool, or whatever you have, and post it here?


Hm… no driver date - did you get the latest from the NVidia website (don’t believe Windows version of checking for driver updates).


It worked! Thanks a lot.