Selection highlight problem

Hi All,

I recently switched to a new computer and running into a strange problem with Rhino.
Basically the edges of selected objects no longer highligh, if they are conincident with either curves or edges of other not selected objects. This makes work quite difficult but I have not seen this before and don’t know what to do about it. Is there any setting or test command to improve that?
I have the latest video drivers.
It happens both in Rhino 6 and 7, and not in all display modes. Works fine in Shaded, but not Rendered or Ghosted. Any suggestions to make it work well again ?



first, I’d check your graphics drivers to make sure they are updated to the latest, especially on a new machine, they are likely just a basic driver. install custom/advanced and check the clean install box- (for nvivida cards)

Then, I’d check tools>options>view>displaymodes and look for any blue… if you see blue, try resetting to defaults in that particular mode.

still borked? run systeminfo in rhino and send the report.