Selection/Gumball wrong color

Hello, for a while I’ve run into a strange issue where after applying splitting/boolean operations to relatively complex geometry, after a successful operation the selection color (and gumball if I have it turned on) will occasionally will no longer be yellow but instead something else. Emphasis on occasionally - probably 10 to 15 times in the past few years (with Rhino usage multiple times a week). In the past it has usually been red but this most recent time is green.

As far as I can tell there are no actual modeling problems - everything seems fine. It’s simply a visual bug. I can work with it no problem, more just trying to figure out what might cause it/alert someone of it. I couldn’t find anything else here in the forums, although I may have missed something.

Running Rhino 5 (not the WIP). Currently on Windows 10, although I’ve had the same problem on my old Windows 7 machine. I can’t consistently say what causes it, other than I’ve had it generally happen with Boolean commands (Split, Union, and Difference) when I’m dealing with semi-complex to complex geometry. I think it has also happened with the normal split command, but I can’t verify that currently. It is repeatable with that specific command and geometry, however I run into it pretty infrequently so it’s hard to reproduce across multiple models.

I’ve attached an image below to show what I mean. You can see gumball and the edge selection are all weirdly green (the other pieces of the geometry you see render fine). This particular instance was caused by BooleanSplit between the selected geometry and the one immediately to it’s left (that one has no rendering problems).

EDIT: An interesting development with this particular model: Selecting all of the objects in the image simultaneously causes all to have this rendering bug, while selecting them individually poses no problem (except for the single piece shown in the image). Selecting all the object plus an additional surface nearby shows no problems.

Just grasping at straws here, but you might check to see if you have the latest video drivers. Sometimes I get something that looks that way, even when not selected, if I have ShowEdges on with the color set to green, but I’ve never seen the gumball do that.

I’ll check again, although I’m pretty sure I do. This issue has also happened across multiple windows machines (all with dedicated GPUs though) with different cards as well. I appreciate the stab at an answer though!

Assuming you can still reproduce this problem, please post a model and specific instructions so we can duplicate this problem here.


i think i have the same problem.
in rendered mode the gumball and the selected area

takes the color of the material, in this case brown

Does that also happen when you run Rhino in safe mode?
Also, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and paste the results here.