Bug cause Rhino material chaos

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here a chaotic situation - all parts was using the same material. I clicked on the last “I” and changed the color to red. But instead all parts get the updated material, a new one was created. Additional the red “I” is still connected to the original material name (second screenshot).

I hope this bug can be fixed soon, please. The Rhino material system is very needed for the new Enscape render and VR plugin. I started to use it for projects and this “chaos” cause trouble.


Material chaos.zip (187.9 KB)

Just selecting an object doesn’t change the material editor selection state.

In your first screenshot you have the last I selected. In the material editor you see that the first chrome material has yellow triangles around it. That is the material of the selected object in the viewport. Yet you change the other material. This is the material set to your other objects. This results in all objects with that second material getting the color you specify.

As far as I can see there is no bug here.

Annotated with green the object selected, and the material that is set to it. Orange the material selected in the material editor, and to what objects it is set.

Here an animated gif. Pay special attention to the selection state of the tree control in the material editor, and the yellow color of the selected object in the viewport. The white triangles mean that the material is in use. Compare with Klarlack Glass, an unused material: no triangles.

Hmmm, here it works not like this. At your side I see only one bug - you have two times “chrome” at your second screenshot. The same name for two materials should be not there.

OK, again, step by step. I assigned the same material to all objects.

Now I select one object and change the color at the material properties. Since it is a shared material all other objects should show the new red color too (in the next step).

But Rhino creates a new material, with the same name. The material browser shows me that I have selected an non red object. It’s totaly wrong - the red material should be shown marked and there should not be two materials.

OK, if deselect all objects and select the red one again, than the right one is shown marked at the material browser too.

Conclusion: editing a shared material should not create new materials. Same names should never created.

Next strange issue - at the end of the test select all parts and assign the grey “chrome” cause that the red “chrome” is automatic removed from the list.

Your materials are oldstyle materials. When they are replaced by another one they disappear.

You should create proper Rhino Custom materials, or even better yet, use the Metal, Plastic, Paint, Glass and Plaster materials for those that don’t need any texturing. Or start with one of those, then change to Custom.

This will ensure proper materials.

I setup a complex train interior for Enscape. Is there a way to convert all materials to the new custom materials?

Not sure yet - I’ll have to try whip up a script or small command, but won’t know until I try. Maybe later in the evening (unless some kind soul on this forum beats me to it).

I would be very glad if you find a way. It doesn’t need to be today, but could be nice in the next time. Thank you for your kind offer.