Rhino 5 problem after Win10 updates

Hi, recently I have a serious problem which is driving me mad after I updated the Windows 10.

When I would like to select an object by using crossing or windows box, the box never appeared (but i could actually select it). Also when I wanted to create a geometry (curve, box etc.), there were no auxiliary lines that indicate the outlines of the geometries to be created. What’s more, when Gumball is activated, the problems above still exist, and the selected objects cannot even be highlighted (but can be selected). Then I run rhino in safe mode, and all these problems have been solved, do someone know what is going on? THANKS!

Hello - can you please post a screen shot of Options > View > OpenGL page?


Hello - it does not say what the driver date is, so I’d check on the nVidia website for the latest Windows 10 driver and install that regardless of this problem but also, try disabling that check box for ‘Do not use openGL for drawing feedback items’ and see how things look.


Thank you!! It works perfectly now!! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat: