Selecting VA objects in a Grasshopper panel

(Jerry Bakowski) #1

I am pretty sure I have already asked about this, but I can’t find the answer…
I badly need a tool to select VA objects existing in a project, something like a geometry pipeline. Pointing and picking is not sufficient, as I have quite a lot of objects, also I change and add new ones. Is it possible?
Regards, Jaro


Hi Jaro,
There is no Geometry Pipeline component for VisualARQ objects, but we have plans to develop one in future versions.
I know it’s not the same, but you can use the component “IsKindOf” to filter those VisualARQ objects from a selection of Rhino and VisualARQ geometry. Find definition attached.

VisualARQ Geometry (5.4 KB)

(Jerry Bakowski) #3

Hello Francesc,
Thank you very much, for now I am satified, a bit :wink:
The pain is when I add an element… I think a similiar problem is when generating tables (windows, doors) - every time I add something to the design I have to prepare a new table. It would be fantastic if the tables could collect elements automatically.
Also, I still work with Rhino 5 and I don’t have access to Grasshopper 1.0 procedures - could you add “VA geometry” to the older version?
Thank you in advance!
Regards, Jaro


I agree. This request was already planned but I add your vote to it.

The “VisualARQ Geometry” component already exists in VisualARQ for Rhino 5. (Params > Architectural objects > Object)
So that definition should work in Rhino 5.