Get geometry component GH Player_Visualarq geometry

Is it possible to select a VA geometry via “get geometry” with the GH Player component?
(prompt command should be able to select VA geometry into Rhino View)
Thank you

Hi @fn_a, yes, that’s possible in VisualARQ 2.13 (we have released it recently).
You will find the VA Get Object component under the VisualARQ object Params:

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Is it possible to find and select a VA geometry by levels?

Hello @miguelayora3,

Yes, you can do it with this Grasshopper definition:

Select objects by (10.5 KB)

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Great! Thank you

Hi @alfmelbev,
Is it possible to select VA geometry by layers as well?

I tried this solution via Elefront but nothing

Thank you for any suggestions

Hi @fn_a,

Yes, you can do it with the Grasshopper file attached above, using the Layer filter in the VisualARQ Pipeline:

Select by layer and level

Thank you @alfmelbev,
but in my defintion I need to get the layer as a input from human ui component updated (see the previous image attached). So in your defintion the Va pipeline component is not able to receive a layer as an input.

Hi @fn_a,

You can use this definition instead:

Select by layer

Select by (5.3 KB)

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