VisualArq components Save to file (export) and import from file

I want to know how to Import /Export VisualArq objects geometries (e.g Walls, slabs,…etc) from/to rhino file from grasshopper and retain its properties as VA objects (not breps) ?

Hi @user883,

To take them from Rhino to Grasshopper you can use the VisualARQ Pipeline component.


You can also use the param components to reference the objects and right-click on them to reference the objects. You can find VisualARQ param components here:

Reference objects

If you need to take the objects from Grasshopper to Rhino, just bake the component where you have the VisualARQ object as you would do with any other geometry.

@alfmelbev I want to import directly from other rhino file to current rhino file , and to export from grasshopper to another rhino directly .
if the checked the attached photo , pancake addon has import /export from/to rhino files , but unfortunately not reading VA objects !
for example I want to send all slabs and beams and walls via grasshopper and to be exported/baked in another rhino file where the user determine file location and name !? and same for import I want to import VA objects in another rhino file to my current one

I don’t have a working VisualARQ so that I cannot test VA objects with Pancake. I may take a further look into the issue.

As for now, a workaround would be using the ImportToDoc component and use GUIDs (identifier of objects inside Rhino, if the VA objects you want to export are already in Rhino) as the input of ExportAs.

Hi @user883,

VA objects are blocks with extended properties, if you want to use Pancake for this, this plug-in would need to allow reading VA objects.

From our side, we could think about including components to import/export, but why do you need to export them from Gh to another file? You could bake them in your file and send them to another file once they have been baked.

@gankeyu currently the import is working , but for export is problem , export as might work ( only for few components) but not stable and if the user has many components it will not work .

@alfmelbev I need to export from GH directly because if have several components and want to send them separately for file for each element , manual exporting will not be effective . I tried all export plugins but not working even save as from lunch box is not updated and not working . I think it should be easy and doable , since VA has API , I think some one might written some GH component in C# or python .

Hi @user883,

Ok, I understand. We already have in our list a feature to export to IFC from Gh, could this be an good option for you? You may need an import IFC component in Grasshopper as well, what do you think?

Hi @alfmelbev
It will be really good , but also enabling user to export selected VA objects to separate Rhino files in its native VA format is important .

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