Selecting trimmed surfaces closest to curve

hi, im trying to select trimmed surfaces(or part of a mesh) that close to curve i draw.
im struggle to compare closest centroid points to the index number of the surfaces.

for example in the screenshot, i want the surface with the red point to be selected, as they close to the curve.

hope its clear enought. thanks.

Something like this? (8.3 KB)

Problem could be that your mesh faces have different sizes. Different approach could be to find the closest mesh edges to the curve and and then get the adjacent mesh faces since it looks like your line lays directly on a string of mesh edges.

yes thats great.what i looked for… thanks!

Hi there
I am as well traying to select/ group some faces along curves but this workflow is not working for me. I tried some things but it doesn’t work. I will be really grateful if someone can help. In the photos I will show how faces I would like to group. PS. sorry for the messy script.
mach mesh faces on both sides of an axis (138.9 KB)

This is a newer version of the script, but it still doesn’t work the way it should. I tied sorting the mesh faces to the curves with closes point to the midle point of the axes and then splitting the faces list with an index du to the number of segments x2 I have splitted the voroni curves / axes. Fore some cases it works but for others it desn’t

mach mesh faces on both sides of an axis (135.7 KB)

Just in case anyone is interested here is the answer.