Finding adjacent surface by points

Hello, I’m working on a facade division arrangements and im stumbling into a little problem to determine the adjacent surfaces by points. I’ve tried looking into sandbox but it as been outdated for rhino 7. is there a way for me to select the closest 3 & 4 surfaces adjacent to the points? Thanks in advance. Cheers

I was curious about your Sandbox remark because I haven’t used it since I upgraded to Rhino 7, but it does seem to work. Per your diagram, I’m using vertex points where surfaces meet, and not any old points.

closest (49.8 KB)

It’s not very difficult with a PointInCurve component. (15.1 KB)

Thanks for the quick response guys, i find the PointInCurve works well for the current stage of my project. Couldnt figure out the sandbox method as my input surfaces are a series of patch surfaces, tried joining them and use sandbox but didnt really work at the moment. But thank you and appreciate the help. =)

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