Grouping mesh faces along Voronoi axes

Hi there
I am traying to select/ group some faces along curves. I tried some things but it doesn’t work. I will be really grateful if someone can help. In the photos is shown how faces should be grouped. I tied sorting the mesh faces to the curves with closes point to the midle point of the axes and then splitting the faces list with an index du to the number of segments x2 I have splitted the voroni curves / axes. Fore some cases it works but for others it desn’t

PS. sorry for the messy script.
mach mesh faces on both sides of an axis (135.7 KB)

I tried something using base center of your breps
then i’m comparing the indices of the centers of your mesh faces before and after your Zombie solver:

mach mesh faces in (141.9 KB)

mach mesh faces in python and join (144.4 KB)

then i get the midcurve poit of the lines
and test the distance to the brep, if the distance is less than the tolerance i get the indice of the brep in the list then i join the coresponding mesh.
(Sorry forgot this part on last comment):

Thank you so much that is incredible! It works perfect! I must learn python one day! :upside_down_face: Do you have any recommendations where to start with python?

You r Welcome. With a basic learn of python you can do a lot of things. You can start by learning python loops and list. Then there are multiple library to use Rhinoceros tools in python. Rhinoscript syntax is the first you will learn. With the knowledge you already have of grasshopper it can be fast . :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for the input! Really appreciate it!
Sorry for bothering you once again, but I was thinking if you can help me with one more of my questions , because it seems I can’t get an answer and I am already of desperate that I will never find the answer to it.
Thanks in advance for even reading this!
This is the link to the question: