Select surface, with the same coincident point

Hi everyone, I have a problem selecting surfaces that have the same centroid. I wrote an algorithm (attached file), the logic is:
I have a series of curves, I have to select only those that coincide with a circle of radius X, then I want to select only the concident ones.
Can someone help me? Thanks in advance
Area to select.rar (73.4 KB) ,

I don’t really understand what you mean by coincide in this context - do you mean you want to select all plots inside the circle or all plots that the circle intersects?

See attached a version with a solution for both.
Also just use the Average component to get the middle of a point cloud.
And just internalize your curves into your grasshopper file instead of uploading 3dm and gh. (31.9 KB)

from the selection of the points I made, (second image) I want to select the areas (first image) that have the exact same centroid.

Uhm, I think I understand what you mean. You want to select the corresponding surfaces to the center points you selected.

You can’t check points for equality like you tried, it only extracts the first coordinate and checks it since it works with numbers not points, just use the same cull pattern on the surfaces. (10.1 KB)

thank you for your help, it was easier than I thought