Selecting objects in Rhino

You know how in rhino when you select an object, you click and drag your mouse to draw a window to select objects within the window? Is there a way to make sure that rhino doesnt select an object as soon as you click? Whenever I try to choose objects, I mouse click and draw a window to select objects within the window but often times rhino just ends up selecting a random nearby object close to where I first clicked (before dragging my mouse to create a window).
This is incredibly annoying and doesn’t happen in sketchup.
I’ve tried locking objects but in final versions of my modeling files there could be tens of objects, too many to lock each of them.

You can hold the Alt key before you select via region. That should let you safely click in the viewport without selecting the object behind the mouse pointer.

Thank you, this helps a little.
However although it does prevent rhino from selecting something as soon as I click my mouse to select, it still selects everything including objects behind the objects I want to choose.

Hi -

It’s hard to tell what you are doing and trying to achieve, but this might be the difference between left-sweep and right-sweep? Apart from that, I suppose that with a cracked version of Rhino, anything is possible…

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