Selecting curves

Is there a way to deactivate the selection options?

As in when trying to select a curve when there are several on top of each other it brings up the options. Would be nice to have option to deactivate this and just select object that is on top.

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Hi Seamus - no, sorry… there is not.


Oh well. I guess where I would find it handy is with 2D drawings. In 3D it’s helpful to have the options displayed as one has many edges, surfaces etc. But it 2D I think it would be nice to disable the selection options. Just a thought…

I don´t think this is a useful suggestion.

Just imagine having many curves “on top” of one another, which means they are in the same identical location. Then – by clicking there – Rhino would give you always one curve, and it would be impossible to select another one.

I remember this is how Adobe Illustrator works – and i hate it always: there you´ll have to lock (or move; even worse) away all the unwanted curves prior to be able to select the wanted one.