Unable to select overlapping curves

sometimes, rhino gets itself in a state where it is unable to select overlapping curves.

this manifests when you try and click on the curve - normally a curve selection box pops up and you can choose which of the overlapping curves you want. but when this behaviour happens, that box appears very briefly then disappears. once it has started doing this, it fails on every overlapping curve selection from then on, until you shut down and restart rhino, after which it works fine again. this happens to me usually at least once per session using rhino.

Does it seem to be the same bug reported here and here?

yes, I think so. I did do a search of the forum first, but different people use different terms to describe the same problem…

one thing I can add though is that I’ve discovered I dont need to fully shut down rhino to fix it. I can just close and open the model file.

this is probably the most common issue I have in rhino. happens at least once a day, if not more.



Intersting. Thanks for the details. This is on our radar (MR-2336) - it’s just one of those" very difficult to reproduce in the lab" bugs.

if you want to stick some diagnostic code into a version of rhino, I’d be happy to run it for you until it happens, then send you whatever logs/dumps you need.

Cool. Thanks for the offer. I imagine we will go this route in a future RhinoWIP release.

Hi Dan,

An update on this since the 5.1 upgrade. I’m not sure if anything has changed in the code, but the way this problem manifests has changed. instead of the choose object popup flashing up but disappearing straight away, now it doesn’t appear at all. nothing happens. two overlapping curves, and it behaves as if they are both on a locked layer - no choose object popup at all. however, if i then draw a line elsewhere and come back, it seems to resolve, and the choose object popup appears. this may be a new issue, or a mutation of the original one, im not sure - but the original problem hasnt happened since I updated.

the more i use the 5.1 upgrade, the more this seems to be becoming a constant annoyance. maybe its as my model is becoming more complex, but it is jamming up on this quite frequently now. every few minutes. it seems to jam up other things as well - some of the menus for eg, and occasionally it does this weird thing with selections, where I type in (for example) Scale1d, but it rather than letting me then select an origin point, it just selects something at random, possibly whatever was under the cursor - im not 100% sure. but Rhino has become a whole lot flakier with the 5.1 update, thats for sure.

This sounds terrible. It is difficult to say if they are related, but this sounds like a different problem.

Can I please take a look at the file? You can upload it here and add dan@mcneel.com as the recipient address. Also, please attach your Software Information (Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More Info > Copy to clipboard…)

Sure - it will have to wait until next week though - I’ve got massive amount of work to do in the next couple of days.