Selected Edge Display Settings

Hi there,

I just selected a few surface edges and took a screenshot to show some problematic geometry to a client. I found myself wanting to change the display colour and thickness of just the selected edges. Is this already possible somehow? Otherwise, could I request that feature, please?


Hi Steven - a couple of things come to mind - one is, set your selection color (Options> Appearance > Colors) to one you like and Ctrl-Shift select the edges, keeping them selected for the screen grab. You could also DupEdge and then color the resulting curves to taste and set the line width for curves , either in a display mode, or per object in Properties. BringToFront will force the curves to draw in front of everything else, but that may not be what you want.


You can make the edges appear thicker in a few ways:

  1. As Pascal mentioned, use “DupEdge” to extract curves from the edges you want to show thicker, then make sure you use a Display mode whose curve thickness is set to a larger number than that of the edges (3 or 4 will do the job). You can access this setting from: Tools > Options > View > Display modes > “the display mode you want to use/modify” > Objects > Curves > Curve width (pixels).

  2. Use “DupEdge” to extract the curves, then run “Pipe” and make it with the desired thickness. However, this will add excessive amount of polygons in the scene, so it’s not recommended to use Pipe on hundreds of curves if you work on a laptop or slow PC.

  3. Again, use “DupEdge” to extract the curves, then use “Apply curve piping” or select Render > Effects > Curve piping. The icon of the same command is also accessible on the Render Tools tab.

Thanks guys, I hadn’t thought to dupedge and then control the display that way!

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