Select only visible stuff

This issue refers to window selecting stuff when there are other geometries behind.

First of all. Who needs dragging behavior like the current one? Could it be replaced by select first - drag after that? Or make it optional? Video shows what I want to accomplish. - Select a bunch of small stuff in front of me when there are other geometries more far away.
In small scenes, I can go into Wireframe mode and start window selecting. I can do that by clicking & dragging elsewhere than a brep edge. In shaded modes it is impossible, because I would automatically select brep and drag it. In big scenes this is impossible because of number of edges and objects in the view.
In my opinion, first click&hold should always draw selection rectangle and after releasing mouse button dragging should be possible with the second click&hold.

Distinguish selecting behavior with modifier key into two options.

  1. Select all geometry that fits into window selection.
  2. Select geometry which fits into window selection and is visible, not covered by other geometry in front of it.

Hi Jakub - If you hold Alt, there is no dragging.

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Ah! Alt was hardcoded in my mind with copying. So one issue goes away. Is second one still open?

The other one is still valid, I don’t think there is a way to not select the occluded objects. May be tricky to implement but agree that could be handy sometimes.


I started learning Blender. Some may say that comparision between programs like that are not fair. Yeah, maybe in some cases.
Anyway, in Blender normal behavior is to select only visible control points.
If it is difficult for nurbs, maybe we can start with meshes.

I think it would be handy most of the times :wink:

Have you tried SelVisible command, The downside is it’s only work with surfaces and meshes.


Thank you, for that tip. I didn’t know about that command. Most of the time problems with selection occur with control points - so it wouldn’t work in that case.

Another thing is that I’m getting really tired of those hidden commands. This is a knowledge I would rather not have.

Wow… actually wow. Echo about the hidden-ness, although it does autocomplete at least in V6 and V7 from what I see.

Thanks @Mahdiyar, Although it does seem a bit buggy in parts (selecting stuff outside a drag-right window