Select occluded surface in Ghosted-View

Hello all,

is it somehow possible to get the wireframe selection behaviour for surfaces in ghosted mode?

With faces filter/ctrl+shift on its impossible to select an occluded face but curves/edges can be selected in ghosted just like in wireframe.

Having to turn the view around, change to wireframe or zoom into the object for those selections is a tad inconvenient.

Best regards

Hi Afreez - would you expect, then, to get a selection menu every time there was at least two faces under the mouse?


maybe an option that ghosted view can use the selection behaviour of wireframe view?

the strange thing is sometimes i can select those surfaces in ghosted view(see 0:13 in the video below), so the option is there… just not reliable and not for ‘backside-faces’ of the object like in wireframe view

The reason i would like this: since SubD is out i like to draw fast concepts and quite often
Sub-object-selected surfaces end up inside other objects.

To get them out i need to select those and have to either switch to wireframe, draw a selction window around them, scroll way in etc.
If there are multiple objects in the scene this can be tricky.

the video, starting with the surface i want to select:

ghosted: hard to catch
wireframe: easy but in a dense scene confusing

Hi Afreez - it seems like in this case, rather than search with mouse over highlight, it would be cleaner to click once over that face and get the selection menu to allow choosing among the faces that are under the mouse pointer. Does that make sense? It does not work that way, and I don’t know if it could but that seems like the best way in this context.


Hei Pascal,
i guess it comes down to one’s own preferences.
The new(or was there an option in R7 for this?) R8 highlight system with selection filters enabled works like a charm for me and my workflow.
Just moving the mouse-pointer until the right element is highlighted feels more ‘intuitive / none disruptive’ to me (e.g like the wireframe-view part at 0:34 in the 2nd video) than changing focus to a selection menu.

Then again selection menus are working fine and are a historic part of rhino for a reason.

As i said, i’d like the (selection-filtered) behaviour(or an option for it) of wireframe-view in ghosted-view to get those
‘i’m in here now! try to catch me’ sub-surfaces ::

best regards