Selected object in Shaded View, is ghosted

This has been asked a few different ways but having read them all I still can’t find an answer.

If I’m in ‘Shaded View’ and I select and object, it becomes partally transparent like it’s Ghosted. When I deselect it, it’s opaque. I’d like it to be opaque all the time in Shaded View, even when I click on it.

Is this possible? I’ve tried all the settings in ‘Options’ and can’t seem to find a control for it.

Doooh! Now why didn’t I see that when I was looking at everything? Who knows. Maybe this Noob issue will help someone else as well. I appreciate the hand holding very much.

But I see now, the wording is a little tricky and I thought it was set properly. Mine was unchecked and I figured it was correct for what I wanted, no Ghosting. It would be clearer if it said, “Ghost-highlight selected surfaces and polysurfaces” , then you check that and then I think there would be less confusion. Regardless, good to go.

Thanks Charles…