Problem with selection, is this why?

I just noticed that when in Ghosted mode when trying to select a surface that is overlapping another and I click on the edge of one surface then I get no list to choose from…
And that made we wonder if edges are prioritized over “surfaces”, is that right? And if so then can this be the reason why selecting things on complex models (in any display mode) can be a pain? I have for over a decade wondered why Rhino is so bad at picking the foremost surface AND showing a complete list of objects in that line of sight.

Thanks for looking into it.

Hi Jorgen- wireframe, including edges win over ‘blank’ surface areas when clicking to select. Clicking on the ‘surface’, away from wires should get the frontmost object though, I think. In very complex scenes with large extents, getting the frontmost object reliably might be iffy.


Hi Pascal, just to be clear, do you mean that even if the surface edge is behind the ‘blank’ surcafce?
If so then I really think this needs to be reconsidered.

Hi Jorgen - Yes, correct. If you hit a wire, in Ghosted mode, of a surface that is behind, that surface will win the selection battle, no questions asked.