Select/highlight shortest edge

While I’ve been using cutplane to trim I’ve noticed that in some cases where I have more than four edges meeting at a point there are sometimes tiny edges which are not visible without zooming in where they don’t converge:

Other than being extra vigilant is there a way I can select or highlight the shortest edge in a selection? It wouldn’t necessarily highlight the problem all the time but it would be easier than searching for these errors when chamfer or fillet fails.



A somewhat brute force method to find short edges:

Select a layer with nothing on it as the current layer.

DupEdge and select all the surfaces, etc you are interested in. These curves will be used for checking and then deleted.

SelSmall with a suitable size selected. This selects all small objects. Some experimentation may be needed.

Zoom with Selected option to zoom in on the objects SelSmall selected. If there are multiple edges selected you may need to reduce the size in SelSmall until only one is selected.

Delete the curves on the layer with the duplicated edges.

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Hi Andy - here’s a quick n dirty python that might help. The prompt is for how many short edges to mark (in order of increasing length) (2.0 KB)

@2DCube, I cleaned up a little - re-download to get the latest…


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Thanks David/Pascal,

That’s certainly helped a lot. Saves on failed filleting and detective work!



You have no idea how helpful that script is!

Thanks a lot Pascal!