Use Curve to Select edge chain

Something I’ve wished for many times is something that can allow for quick workflows that also aren’t perfect continuity wise. One such thing would be to use curves as a way to select edge chains that are not necessarily obvious,i.e. they are maybe not tangent continuous but also usng positional continuity might mean you have to choose the right edge in some coincident cases.

Getting an edge chain wrong is also one of those tasks which then has to be laboriously repeated in some cases (not all I know, like PreviousEdgeSelection in filletedge IIRC).

I think having a predefined curve which can then pick up the entire (or indeed partial?) open/closed edge composed of many edges from different surfaces could be very handy indeed. The benefit of having the curve would be for helping repeatibility as well as reduced clicks in those cases where you need to select the correct edge if the mouse click picks up a few to choose from.

In the meantime, there are of course the tolerance vaues to adjust. I think edge chaining is for me a big usability hog at certain times when working, and can be one of those highly manual tasks.

Hello - one thing that may help is NamedSelections - you can save a named selection of edges and FilletEdge will pay attention.


Thanks pascal. As per other thread, seems like I should try and pay more attention to named selections.

At the moment, I find them just a little tricky to use - for example, if you touch one in the panel the selection is made at the expense of whatever selection you may have already had going. There are a few bugs logged to try to make this all a little friendlier.


Sounds good, I think combined with selchain it could help.

The caveat is I’m guessing you can’t ‘create’ a named selection mid command? Say you start chaining up something complex and you’re in say Sweep2, it will maybe already be too late to think ‘ah shucks I should’ve made a named selection of that’. I guess that’s just NamedSelections not making its way to the forefront of my thinking enough though.