<newbee> Chamfer: unable to select the entire connected curved line

Hi, I was trying to select a continuous curved line/edge which was jointed by many curved and straight lines on an extruded surface . It appears that the line can only be chosen one by one rather than a whole.
I was looking at the lynda tutorials ~~~the instructor can select it all.
What had happened??

Thank you!!!

Use the option “chain edges” as seen in the command line (before you click OK to complete)

Dave, your favorite Lynda instructor

OMG!!! You are the instructor in those Rhino videos!!!
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It doesn’t solve the problem!!!
Here is a image showing what I saw after hit the “chain edges”.
There is also a selection menu popping out with a list of polysurface edges to choose from.
I made my own lines at the beginning by the way.
Thanks so much!!!

The edge you have selected has hit a ‘dead end’ on its left side. (And it has two ways to turn!) Try making the larger cross -edge fillet at the that juncture FIRST, and then the ‘chain edges’ will work fine.

In other words, you make the big fillets first, THEN the smaller edge fillets you are currently working on now. See pic.


Did you get it to work? There is a money-back guarantee on all of my free tips. :wink:

Hi Dave,

After I chamfered the big and hit the chain edge, the selection from the big circle will go further and it stops at the U turn shape where there is a line across on the top plane like the place you marked 1.

And also the number I could enter is in between 0 and 1 for chamfer…If I enter 1 or 2 or 3, it will variate into an unexpected shape which not what we want.


Same thing for this
Now working on the planar curves and selection of the top curves of both shapes.
I converted the object into poly surface to see if I can solve the same selection problem.
It seems like only the top curve of the smaller extrusion and bottom extrusion of the larger extrusion can be selected as a whole.
I checked the internet it might be relate closed curve or open curve? Not sure about the meaning though. I assume it is like there are gaps in the curves which was treated as a continuous curve. However these two shapes are all extruded from rectangles. I doubt it. As for my first picture, the initial problem, I did draw straight line and small curves one by one and align them with the points as I drew. There might be something that I missed.

  • I think you are confusing chamfers, which are square, and fillets, which are rounded.
  • Do not make a [square] chamfer at location 1. Those should be [round] fillets. A chamfer just creates another square / three-way intersection.
  • After you make the first larger [round] fillet, then the second [round] fillets must be smaller AND they should fit.
  • For example, if a surface is 10 wide, you cannot make each edge fillet 5 and 5… there would be no surface left afterwards.