Select file location vs Select file directory - Wish: copy-paste path always available

Is there any reason why one would want to use Select file directory window over Select file location?

In the case of File Path GH component it is ok, because users can use one or another method, but in other places (such as saving many Rhino materials) I am forced to click through many, many layers of folders to finally find the desired directory and then save. Most of the time I got this directory opened in windows anyway and I could just copy-paste the path, but I can’t because there is no option for that.

Can we have Select file location style window available everywhere in Rhino?

Very tedious and annoying clicking through folders.

Bonus wish:

Add button “Yes for All” when saving multiple Rhino materials. (In the future, do not…) is a different thing and I would like to be asked, but only once every batch save.

yes for all

Yeah, I agree, I dislike those save folder location dialogs. Is this strictly a GH request? If not, what is the context in Rhino where you get one of these?


I am glad that you dislike them too :wink: . It is not a strictly GH request. One place where you can find this lame dialog is when you try to save multiple Rhino materials to the disk (it is shown on the second video).

I’ll keep you updated If I will find more of them. Hopefully, they can be changed someday.

Yes, I see, there is a second clip - thanks.