Save Copy (Suggestion)


I was wondering if it would be possible to add a “Save Copy” option. This would be used when you want to share a current model with a colleague or a friend and you don’t want to close everything. It will also allow you to choose a location and a filename (incremental saving is not that convenient). Save As becomes a bit of a pain as it changes the file path you are working from.

Any suggestions?


Hi Miguel - I’ve asked for this as well - it’s on the pile somplace… I typed SaveACopy and got some action here so aparently I made a script or something in the past that is loading at startup. I’ll find it and attach ot here- the UI is not very smooth but it might be OK for now, I’ll try to make a cleaner one. (845 Bytes)

Save, then drag and drop onto Rhino to add


Does that help at all for now?


yes it helps, it is not urgent nor super necessary but I think is a nice thing to have.