File Locations

An issue I discovered last night is that it is difficult to tell what file you are working on.

I had copied a directory from my server to my notebook.

Then I found I was not editing the file I thought I was opening. The opening screen only lists the file name. The status bar only lists the file now. However, there is a dropdown that gives the terminal directory name (in my case I had copied a directly tree).

The normal way I ask “what file am I editing” is to do a SAVE AS then CANCEL. Rhino has no Save As.

I raise this as an issue to solve.

Hold down option when navigating to the File menu. Duplicate will switch to Save As.

You can also do it from the filename at the top of Rhino …

It will tell you WHERE the document is and as a special bonus, you can also move it to a different location from here.

You don’t have to close a file to duplicate / copy (⌘+Shift+S), rename or move it with OSX.

Thanks for the OPTION idea.

The problem with the filename dropdown (at my level of knowledge) is that I only see one level of directly; not the path. I usually have a lot of directories with the same name.

click Other… at the bottom

Bad housekeeping :smile:, but I do it sometimes.

Let me ask this because I have screwed this up.

I have a file I am working on. I want to set a benchmark point. I want to save as is, then create a new file with the contents.

What would be the preferred way to do this under the user interface?

Hit the Alt key and then choose SaveAs from the file menu?

(not sure if Duplicate does the same thing without the Alt key)


Like they say, that depends on your needs.

If you need an extra file then I would duplicate ⌘+Shift+S my open file and name it whatever your convention is.

If I was doing it for me, instead of having umpteen files similar. I would just save a version point by hitting ⌘+S, this saves a point in the file I can go back to with Versions.

I like to keep my working files to one and my finished, cleaned up file and that is it - 2 files and any reference materials in a folder named for that project.

I am actualy clean up a persons rhino computer who just left and he had 6-7 versions of the file in his project folder, some titled 1.3dm, 2.3dm up to 6.3dm sometimes, and at least one untitled.3dm and then a finished file with the item name for a file name. That would drive me nuts, try searching for something using that convention.

If you start a new Rhino file, give it a name and save it somewhere. Then the first time you Duplicate either File menu or keyboard ⌘+SHIFT+S it is exactly like Save as. The untitled in file name shows it as a new duplicate /copy of the existing file.

If I Save as I get the same thing … albeit with the new Duplicated file name.

If you duplicate again, first you get to change the file name …

when you click in the filename you get the mini dropdown, where you also have the opportunity to move the file.

When you click on the Up-Down arrows to the right in the Move to box, the get the Recently accessed & Favourites Folders dropdown … are you still with me, we are going down the rabbit hole.

If that is not good enough, then you can click the other at the very bottom to access the full fledged Finder Window option.

usually for me the folders i am working in during a job are all in my recent places.

IHTH « Randy