Rhino 5 predefine Save location


I am relatively new to supporting a Rhino 5 user so apologies for what might a basic admin question.

Is there a way of setting a default Save location in Rhino that persists even if the user chooses an alternative location for 1 specific file. I am trying to enforce good practice on where user data is saved for all software and most software has an option to define a Save location. It doesn’t stop the user choosing to navigate elsewhere, but at least it underpins good practice by defaulting to a chosen folder.


No, I don’t think that option is available via the normal Rhino interface - Rhino defaults to the last used folder for saving.

You could configure the “Save” toolbar icon plus the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut to set the directory first before saving using the “SetWorkingDirectory” command - something like this:

! -_SetWorkingDirectory "D:\RhinoDefaultSaveFolder" _Save

But I don’t think that will work for the menu item.

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Thats a shame, but thanks for replying. My challenge is persuading the user to change where they have been saving things (on his desktop in a folder) to a location that can be synched to a cloud service for backup. Most of the products he uses (OneCNC, AutoCAD etc) have an Options or Preferences section to specify a default save location. Not use proof but a good start in persuading good file file management.