Duplicate/extract curve edges command

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I am wondering if there is a command which allows me to copy selected curve edges (not surfaces) in place? Currently, I select the edges with ctrl+shift, then alt+gumball specified distance, then move them back by -x amount.



Hey Helvetosaur, cheers for the commands. But I can’t seem to resolve the workflow.

In the picture above, I’ve got a closed planar curve. The command dupedge doesn’t allow me to select any edges of the curve.

DupBorder and dupfaceborder won’t work with a curve.

I have 2 workaround solutions; but quite inefficient for such a simple goal.

  1. As mentioned earlier. Ctrl + Shift click specific curve edges, hold alt and shift them away with the gumball x amount, then select them, and move them -x amount
  2. Select all, turn into appropriate surface, then DupEdge, then delete original surface while keeping original curves.

Am I missing something?

I assumed surface edges - not “curve edges”. Curves don’t have edges exactly…

If you want to duplicate curve segments you can use the following:

Subobject select the segments you want and use Copy>InPlace. This will make a copy without moving it. Unfortunately, the subobject(s) remain selected after the operation so you need to deselect them and then select the copies.

You can also use ExtractSubCrv with the option Copy=Yes. To duplicate part of a curve that is not an entire segment you can use SubCrv with the option Copy=Yes.

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Wonderful… The copy in place command is the solution i was after :slight_smile: