Select Curve Button instead of pulldown?

Is there a way to create a Button to select a curve instead of having to go to the pull down every single time?

Hi @MJD ,

You can do this with a script (and perhaps another way) but my question to you is what kind of button/where do you want the button to exist?

Technically the drop down you are selecting here is already a button.

Are you wanting to skip a step by having a button on the “Curve” data type node itself?

Like a little plus icon that when pressed will get the currently selected Rhino curves (if there are any) or prompt you to select some Rhino curves (if you don’t already have any selected)

@michaelvollrath, yes, I’m looking for a one button click to select a curve and not have to open up the pull down, and select it.

I may be wrong but I believe you would need to make a custom component for this or at the very least a script component that will store the data that gets set and has some kind of button input.

Both of which can be done but it’s going to take longer than right clicking and choosing “set multiple curves”.

Another option is creating a shortcut binding for that action perhaps.

Again, is it worth the development effort? Possibly… but some things to consider first