Select Multiple Curves With Human UI

Hi there,

i’m sitting at an Interface for a DIY Wirebending machine. The goal is to select a polyline in Rhino, convert it to a point list, choose a folder at your computer and save the point list text file there.
The Machine is for architecture students who are not familiar with grasshopper, so i wantet do do a nice Interface with Human UI.
I have two problems doing that:
First of all, i don’t know how to create a button wich will run the command “select one curve”.
Second: when i hit an human UI button, the value will stay “true”. Can i set that back to “false” again?
Thanks for any help.

Nice regards from Leipzig, Germany (52.0 KB)

Hi Michael — you should be able to use this script to “select one curve” from Human UI: Set Geometry in HUMAN UI - #18 by andheum

A human UI button should revert back to false after you’ve clicked it, unless it’s a “true only button.”

Hi Andrew,
thank you so much for the quick response.
Your solution worked out just fine for me.

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