'Select' button neglect?

Somem’s been bugging me for a long time. And it probably wouldn’t be such an issue if tool pallets weren’t offten screwed up from updates or version changes – but that’s a tangent, so lets get to the bottom of this silly matter of ‘select button neglect’ shall we?

So, could someone at Rhino headquarters explain the logic behind the following symbol use:


Then, explain why this command doesn’t have a toolbar button located in the ‘select’ tool pallet:


Then, explain why the symbol and button that would most likely be used, instead are used for the ‘cancel’ and ‘cancel all’ commands :tipping_hand_man:t4: seriously :sob:

Back in Rhino5 I just changed them and made my own, but V6 I think messed up things so that I’d have to create them all over again – this tangent I’m avoiding on purpose because it’s not a solution imo.

In Rhino6 I started just using all the default stuff and gave up on all the time I spent in V5 customizing things.

Now, in V7 and V8 I’ve also basically given up on customizing buttons and pallets.

But, this subtle matter keeps propagating from version to version, and it’s so silly too. It makes no sense to me.

When I want to ‘select’ multiple entities, the “solution” I’ve been using is typing the ‘select’ command in the command prompt – and it’s always so frustrating cause there should be a button for it by default that makes sense.

And yes of course there’s the quick keys “shift” “control” etc. but I’m focusing here on the moments where I want to ‘select multiple’ items without having to use two hands per say.

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In other programs such like 3DS Max, the exact same symbol is also called “Select” and its purpose is to turn off the Move, Rotate or Scale tools… I see no problem here, because it’s been that way for decades.
However, you are right that it’s weird to have Rhino’s “Select” command and some other are completely missing from the toolbars, hence they remain hidden to those who are not aware of their existence.