Create Grasshopper Custom UI Selecting Geometry Input from Rhino


I need to build an grasshopper UI for a project. It eventually will be something similar to this.

However, there is one function I could not figure out which is how to directly select the curve and pass this curve input directly to the windows form. Right now, in the link, the user still has to select curve using grasshopper (select curve or select multiple curves) as usual then pass this curves input to the windows form. What I want is selecting the curves directly from the windows form such as just clicking one button.

I would like to know if this function is available and possible to do for external developers. Thank you

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Yes it is possible. You have to create an object which overrides the default IGH_Attributes. There’s an example on this in the Grasshopper SDK Documentation. You can download the docs from the Grasshopper Help menu.