Select a specific point number in a divided curve


I am having trouble selecting a specific number from a curve.
I have divided a circle to different points “1,2,3,…” I want to connect the bottom point to these numbers only with one line.
Right now when I connect the bottom point to the above point it connects too all points on the top circle. I want them to connect in a single line then shift them individually.
Below image is illustrated what I mean by these connections.


10 APRIL 2019 - LINE TO (16.3 KB)

Like this?

10 APRIL 2019 - LINE TO (10.2 KB)

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Hi Kim,

Thanks for your reply. The “TStat” works great. But when I load your file and play with the sliders in the series I always end up with two points with the same connection.
Also is there any way that they follow the “shift” command in a more orderly way. (the screenshot you attached is perfectly fine). Apparently is not working for me!

Your file is the one I’ve posted a bit earlier. Download and verify the definition again.

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