Assign consecutive point numbers on multiple curves

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i want some randomness on multiple curves (copies) by adding random transformation to all points for example. for now i am stuck! curves and their points are numbered all the same, so the randomnes-transformation applies to all “same” points with the same amount.

is there a way to assign consecutive point index numbers on multiple curves (9.0 KB) grasshopper_point_index_curves grasshopper_point_index_tree

as shown in the image all curves count form 0 to 9 but i want them to share the same number sequence…so from 0 to 49 in this example

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stefan :slight_smile: (11.3 KB)

There is a subtle off-by-one error in the solution I posted above. Can you see it? CLUE: the last two points on each curve use the same offset value.

Fixed by adding an “x+1” expression to the ‘N’ input of the second Random component. Required because Divide (Divide Curve) always returns one more point than the number of segments specified by its own ‘N’ input. (11.4 KB)

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wow, thank you so much!!!
im new to grasshopper and would have never came to a result like this.

is this in general an easy way to get random deformed curves?