Connecting 2 points by a curve

Hello all, I am new to grasshopper (started 2 days ago) and I cant seem to figure out this thing I am working on…I have a 2 questions:

  1. I have a divided curve and that produced points, how can I manually select those individual points if I want to modify them individually?


  1. Following the first question, I would want to connect each points to the adjacent points with a curve (see example below) But I am stuck to how I could select points individually and I could not seem to find the right command to connect them to a curve


Thank you!


Its not visible how you created these points do yourself a favour and upload your grasshopper and rhino file and internalize the data in grasshopper if you referenced the geometry from Rhino to grasshopper.

General speaking…selection works with lists ,trees ,sets and some rules to sort them.

Heres the rhino and Gh file

ATTEMPT 3.3dm (155.2 KB)

uploaded the files, will experiment with the options you mentioned! thank you (13.7 KB)

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It looks like you want to create catenary curves…

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yes… didnt know it was called that… thank u!! :slight_smile:

wow its much more complicated than i thought… but this is exactly what im struggling with… thank you so much!!!