Sectioning Surface

Hello Grasshopper Forum,

I am trying to take this surface that has been sectioned in grasshopper to have all of its ends meet at the same location similar to the model in the picture I have provided. I have attached the sectioning script that I am working with.

Thanks (10.2 KB)

Maybe something like this? I might have taken you too literally, and included the boundary surface. (21.2 KB)


This is very close to the model and what I am looking for, however is their a way that the left side is flat and not stacked?

It’s stacked because i gave it some thickness. Do you mean you want only surfaces with no thickness? It’s actually a different problem, as far as I’m concerned.

I assumed that if you wanted them flat, you’d still want some arching to distinguish them. That’s the difference with the prior def. (22.0 KB)

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You nailed it with the second one that’s exactly what I am looking for! Thank you so much Ethan!


Do you have the Rhino File still? My last component has the error message “Boolean union set is empty?”


I’m confused. Since everything was internalized, is it the GH file you want, and for the flat example? Can you upload the code you’re using, or a screenshot?