Merge multiple surfaces into one - Boolean Union set is empty

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I’m a beginner with Grasshopper and I developped an algorithm to draw a column with a special type of cross-section (see images). Focusing on the 2D cross-section, I started by implementing the outer and inner tubes and from there, implemented each rectangle in between. However at the end, I have multiple surfaces (see image “”) and I would like to join/merge them into one surface (see the image “” done with Autocad) to be able to evaluate its propreties (area, inertia etc…). I tried to use the “Solid Union” component followed by the “Merge Faces” component but it always retruns a “Boolean Union set is empty” error (see image “”). It happened to work sometimes but only for some parameters and stopped working as soon as I changed them. Could you please help/save me ? It’s been 5 days I’m seraching on how to fix that but couldn’t find a solution. I also upload the grasshopper file.

Thank you very much in advance. (41.7 KB)


Check this :

unnamed re (26.4 KB)

But it’s not vanilla grasshopper you need to use this plugin.


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This is amazing ! It’s perfect, thank you a thousand times ! :heart_eyes:

I’m unable to duplicate that in my rhino.

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