Split / Trim Surface in GH

Hi there,

I’m trying to split a planar surface with the help of a polyline in Grasshopper, which, for reasons unbeknown to me, doesn’t work. I’ll attach the file, maybe somebody could point out my mistake? I’ve marked the surface and corresponding polyline with coloured blobs and would like to get rid of the inner (smaller) surface.

Thanks in advance, A

181031_CutOut.gh (17.7 KB)

I guess you are not familiar with lists, your definition has a lot of redundancy. However, you need to flatten the input in join curve to make one flat list so it knows what to join.

Hi Michael,

I’m not familiar with pretty much anything concerning Grasshopper - lowest level of beginner there is, it took me the whole afternoon to make it work one way or another :joy:

Thanks a lot for your help, I’ll change that tomorrow, hopefully it’ll work