Please help Problem with boolean union

Hello, i am very new to grasshopper and am not sure if i am doing this the best way. after i have my forms booleaned, i convert them to wire curves and then pipe, but i am having no luck to union. I need a closed polysurface so i can convert to stl to 3d print.
If anyone could have a look and see how to fix this or use different commands i would greatly appreciate it
Thanks alot,
finall (7.0 KB)
final pavillion.3dm (11.8 MB)

i guess it doesnt need to be piped, and i could do a mesh of grid of hexagonal curves instead but i dont know how to do this in grasshopper. could someone show me or tell me the best way to map these to the booleaned spheres which i then could get a similar effect?
Thank you

to bool this I would do it either in rhino manually = always a hassle, or instead you could try in gh with cocoon or exoskeleton(also a bit of a hassle)