Connecting Curves or Boolean?

Hello all,

Still trying to get the basics right here.
I want to end up with a small volumetric plane with some shapes cutted out.

In this case I started with a curve that I mirrored (this is the curve that needs to be cutted out).
Then a rectangular curve that’s going to be the plane.

I was hoping to connect the curves in such a way that I cold simply extrude the whole and cap the parts that I want to be closed. Is this doable, or should I take the Boolean route?
I’m struglin for quite a while now and thought to better ask the experts :wink:

Many thanks, Robert

If you combine all those curves (the two outlines and the boundary) into a single surface you can then extrude the surface into a Brep. No additional capping needed. You can use the [Boundary Surfaces] component to create your base plate.

Many Thanks David,

I was hoping for such an aproach but am failing on how to get that surface.
Do i use one of the ‘Freeform’ surfaces?

Regards, Robert

Ohhhh something is happening with the loft node…

How excellent, have it working now, I made things far to complicated.
How would I bevel the inner edges in GrassHopper, is it possible?

Many thanks for the great help.

Regards, Robert

A file would be handy.

Yes sure, here they are.
Many thanks for helping… :slight_smile: (8.8 KB)
EmptySpirit.3dm (31.6 KB)

As I understand it, there is no way of filleting surfaces in grasshopper, and this is still the case in Rhino6?
How do people deal with this, to me this is one of the basic features any 3d software should have, why not grasshopper?

Regards, Robert