Section Tools Colour By Layer Not Working?

I have st Clipped Views in a detail view in a project, and the fill colour doesn’t follow the layer colour, regardless of how the attributes toggle is set. When I open a previous project, the colour follows the layer colour just fine, so something must be set incorrectly in the current project, but I can’t find it.

Can you post your files, and an image of what you see?

Thanks rajaa, but no time.

I’ve decided to hatch manually except for Va BIM objects, which will reliably hatch in Va Section View. It appears to me that there’s no reliable section fills solution for Rhino nor Va. At least not for the way I use Rhino. I can’t rely on this basic functionality, which has so many settings across the interface. I’m using Rhino to design sets, but I understand that Rhino’s a modeling application and can best produce some construction drawings for small relatively industrial design elements. Being clearer on that at the outset would have saved me a great deal of troubleshooting, but I suppose I overlooked a lot of early signs.

The following has happened to me a second time now:
Section Tools will too easily corrupt itself if it’s present in a detail window. Some actions (I’m not sure all of them, but one is copying a detail window) causes all project Section Tool elements to suddenly become present in Layout Space and disappear from Model Space.

It’s part of this comprehensive thread about Section Fills: Clipping Plane Fills! Please

I will hope that others may pick up Section Fills troubleshooting and that I’ll learn sometime that it’s been thoroughly resolved.

The statement is wrong. Simply because you refuse to learn to code doesn’t mean there’s no solution :smiley: