Section Hatch - Does not Print with Vector Output

Hi Guys,

Section hatch doesn’t appear to be printing with vector output.

Any guesses what’s going on?




A little more information: It appears to be exclusively VA objects and va plans/sections. Rhino objects with rhino clipping planes work just fine, but rhino objects with VA plan/sections also cannot vector plot.

Hi Clayton, we are working on this issue. We expect to fix it in the next Beta.

Great! Glad to hear it. The integrations with Rhino section properties is great, looking forward to the bugs getting sorted out.

Hi @fsalla,

Just checking in on this one. Any idea when the next beta will be released? Not having any hatches on sectioned objects is a bit of a problem.


Clayton, fresh news! New VisualARQ 3 Beta 6 released! - #7 by enric

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